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Muftawu Adamu

The master architect of the universe, God Almighty has several creations but the creation he reveres most are human(s) being(s).

Among the human creation, the most skillful I have seen are our women.

Our women go through torrid and horrible times yet they make those moments look ordinary and easy in the eyes of the world.

The cramps of monthly flow to physical, mental and emotional “abuse” which even though cut across the gender, to the pangs of pregnancy right up to the dangers of labour to motherhood, are some unpleasant moments women go through.

Yet we have hardly heard their complaint go wild.

Imagine a woman under any of the above listed problems yet makes time to represent her club at football matches.

Considering what the women go through and still make time for football games, I think we sports journalists are guilty of giving them scanty publicity.

Women in sports have the least or no percentage of space in our daily sports bulletin simply because it is a male dominated world.

Trust me when it comes to brute force I give that to the men but pure intelligence and skill, management, they belong to our women.

Have you seen a typical village woman before? One who will carry a basketful of cassava with plenty fingers of plantain in one hand, a baby strapped at the back and a hoe in the other hand?

Do you remember the Malian lecturer, Ramata Sissoko who strapped one of her student’s baby at her back for three hours so the mother could take notes at the Georgia Gwinnett College in USA?

Let’s turn a little attention to our women and just maybe it will help them feel good.

It is just time women football is taken as a serious topic in Africa and beyond.

God bless our women

Paapa Kojo Nhyira
Ama K Abebrese
Afia Acheampong
And all…

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