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Report by Patrick Asford Boadu

Kindergarten and Primary schools will go and come back on the 4th of May without textbooks being supplied to schools.

Junior High School (JHS) teachers will complete the first semester without CPP new curriculum training. Ghana Education System (GES) doesn’t even know what they want the teachers to teach, whether old or new curriculum. They are confused.

GALOP schools should forget about materials for implementation. It’s a beautiful mirage. We only know how to draft beautiful policies, at best, we roll it out in a grand national ceremony, speak big English and end it there.

NTC has promised to train teachers on Assessment Framework but forget- they don’t have our time. It’s just another promise.

The bizarre implementation of double track that has left students in a perpetual vacation mood is not stopping anytime soon. Better you enrol your wards in a private class or forget about good grades.

The government is not even ready to listen to the promotion and upgrade issues. Just forget it for now. If you are lucky to have your promotion or upgrade letter which has not reflected in your salary, thank your stars. Others were not even given cement paper.

Don’t even think of that salary increment. You will get a heart attack. They will tell you teachers are many. Or, they spent all the money on covid 19.

For the laptops, the least said, the better.

The same goes for the allowances outlined in the collective agreement including allowances for accepting posting to deprived arrears. The only allowance you get is a free mud house. At least you won’t pay rent.

The list goes on and on.

Nobody cares about the teacher. Many of us are demotivated but we have to just motivate ourselves somehow.

They are only toying with our Education system for a reason best known to them. We as teachers can only try our best to help ourselves, the kids and the future of this nation in our small way. It’s pathetic though.

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